What We Do



`Ganga Jamuna'  has been in business Since 1986.

Our core business is Consumer Electronic products, which we distribute Worldwide. We stock everything from Batteries and Video-Tapes to Plasma and LCD Televisions.



Ganga Jamuna’ was set up by our Managing Director in 1986 as a sole-proprietorship. A ‘private limited’ company was then incorporated in 1992, which later took over the proprietorship business to form ‘Ganga Jamuna Electronics Pte Ltd ’  in 2000.

Today, it is one of the leading distributors of branded consumer electric and electronic products, worldwide. It is currently ranked 9th on the Singapore SME 500 list of companies.

Within a span of 22 years, the Company has secured a strong foothold in new and emerging markets such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa and CIS countries (former USSR).

Besides high credibility, strong commitment and dedicated customer service, the Company enjoys strong relationships with principals and suppliers. This is one of the key strengths of the Company in serving our customers – ensuring continuity in supply of products while maintaining competitive prices.

With the experience and know-how gained in the business, the company is ready for further expansion by targeting other new and emerging markets with large populations and high growth potential. With strong management and a dedicated sales and support team, the Company is poised for further growth.


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